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    For many homeowners, a mortgage symbolizes their most significant financial responsibility. But whether you’re in the market for your first home or you’re looking to refinance, understanding the mortgage process is crucial to making smart decisions about your financial future.

    To get a better understanding, let’s take a deeper look at the process of obtaining a mortgage from OneWest Bank.

    Once you've made the decision to get a home mortgage, you should first determine your budget and personal financial goals for a mortgage loan. Ask yourself: How much are you comfortably able to spend on your mortgage each month? What mortgage term works for you? There are many types of mortgage loans available to homeowners these days. Research products and rates along with loan options to determine what might work for you.

    The Mortgage Process

    If you are considering taking out a new mortgage to finance the purchase of a home or refinance an existing mortgage for more favorable terms, the first step in the process is to contact a Mortgage Lending Specialist to review available options. During this step we will gather some basic information about you to determine your eligibility for a home mortgage, such as your income, your desired loan amount, your asset information and whether there will be any co-borrowers on the loan.

    After you’ve finished prequalifying and we have determined that you may be eligible for a mortgage, you’re ready to apply! Our Mortgage Lending Specialists will walk you through the application and you will be required to provide documents that validate your employment, income and assets (view documentation requirements). As soon as you’re done with the application and you’ve submitted your information, you’ll be able to lock in your mortgage interest rate while we start the underwriting process – a.k.a. the process of approving your mortgage. During this time, we’ll review your documents, complete an appraisal of the home you’re financing and underwrite the mortgage.

    If your mortgage has been approved, we’ll arrange for you to close the mortgage by sending a notary to your home, office or any other convenient location of your preference. Then, all that’s left to do is sign the final paperwork and wait for the mortgage to fund.

    Interest Rates and Discount Points

    When you’re in the process researching interest rates, it’s important to remember that several things go into a mortgage lender’s rate. Mortgage rates are influenced by many factors, including the overall economy, debt market and the Federal Reserve Board’s monetary policy which change over time. As these factors fluctuate, so will mortgage rates. Keeping tabs on when mortgage interest rates are down is a good way to track the market and know when it may be a good time to consider refinancing or obtaining a new mortgage.

    Discount points are another thing to keep in mind. Discount points offer you a chance to reduce your interest rate by paying an amount upfront. The cost of each point is equal to one percent of the loan amount -- for instance, for a $100,000 loan one discount point equals $1,000.

    Whether or not paying discount points makes sense for you depends in part on how long you plan to keep the loan. To help you decide, use these steps when calculating your mortgage:

    1. Calculate the amount of your monthly payment at the interest rate you will be charged if you do not pay discount points.
    2. Calculate the amount of your monthly payment at the lower rate if you do pay discount points.
    3. Deduct the lower payment from the higher payment to find the amount saved each month.
    4. Divide the amount charged for points at closing by the monthly amount saved. The result is the number of months you must keep the loan to break-even on paying discount points.
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  • Important Disclosures

    It is important to know that with Adjustable-Rate Mortgages, your payment and rate may increase significantly over time.

    Not all applicants will qualify for financing. Mortgage rates and terms are subject to change without notice.

    Mortgages with LTVs higher than 80% with no PMI may generally have a higher interest rate and/or fees than other mortgages. This may result in a loan without mortgage insurance being more costly for a borrower who intends to remain in the property for a longer period of time. A borrower who intends to remain in the property for a shorter period of time may find that the extra interest cost is lower than the amount of PMI payments for that period of time.

    Mortgage escrow accounts are created so that you can pay your yearly property taxes, homeowner’s insurance and mortgage insurance in monthly installments throughout the year, rather than all at once. When these bills are due, we disburse the funds from your escrow account to pay the taxes and insurance in a lump sum. If there is a requirement for a mortgage escrow account at closing, it will be required to be maintained for five (5) years after closing.

    The rates displayed may require the establishment of an escrow account upon closing. If you choose to pay taxes and insurance separately, you will be responsible for timely payments, which may be substantial.

  • Home Loan Products

    Jumbo Loans

    Purchase your dream home with a jumbo loan up to $5 million. Benefits include customized home loan decision making. Loan Products include fixed-rate and adjustable-rate mortgages (ARMs) with an initial fixed-rate period offering either amortizing or interest only payment options.

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    Adjustable-Rate Mortgage

    Purchase your new home with a competitive introductory rate on an adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM) with an initial fixed-rate period. Benefits include competitive rates and low payments for an initial fixed-rate period. Initial interest-only payment options are available for jumbo loans.

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    Fixed Rate

    Secure a competitive fixed-rate mortgage on your new home. Available on conforming and jumbo loan balances. Benefits include competitive rates, predictable monthly payments and protection from interest rate fluctuations. There are a wide selection of repayment terms available including 30, 25, 20, 15 and 10 year options.

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