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    who's in charge

    Now it’s easy to use your OneWest Bank mobile app to take control of your OneWest Bank debit cards, transactions, and everyday finances.

  • Introducing
    Card Controls

    Let’s say you misplace your card. No worries. Now you can just switch it off before reporting it lost. And Card Controls not only lets you turn cards off or back on, you can also set spending limits, even specify transaction as well as merchant types or block any purchases outside of the regions where you normally use your cards. And so there are never any surprises, you can set up alerts to notify you immediately if there’s any suspicious activity.

    Open our app and begin

    1. Open the OneWest mobile banking app to access the task bar.
    2. Access the More Menu at the bottom of your screen on an iOS device and the top of your screen if you’re using an Android device.
    3. Select Card Controls.
    4. Start taking control.
    Image of card control home screen (iOS)

    Image of card control home screen (Android)


    It’s easy to enable and disable card controls anywhere at anytime using your OneWest Bank app.

    Image of card control card screen
    Image of card control alert screen

    You don’t have to work hard to take control of your money.
    Card Controls lets you:

    Turn your card on or off

    Image of card control turn off and on screen
    Set spending limits

    Image of card control spending limits screen
    Set specific transaction types

    Image of card control transaction types screen
    Set merchant types

    Image of card control merchant types screen
    Set regions you normally use your cards

    Image of card control regions screen
    Set and customize alerts

    Image of card control alerts screen

    Download the new OneWest Mobile app today.

    OneWest Online Banking is required. If you do not already have an online banking account, create one by completing these registration steps.

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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    How do the Location Based Card Controls work?

    It’s easy. You can use Card Controls to set three regions where you want to use your card. Once those locations have been enabled any card activity outside your regions will be blocked. You can also block international transactions. And all it takes is a toggle switch to easily delete a region or disable all the regions whenever you want. Enabling Block International will disable any previously set region specific transaction controls.

    Can I use Transaction Type Controls to block certain purchases?

    Absolutely. It’s simple to put limits on how your card is used by blocking certain transactions like e-commerce, online, or an ATM. All it takes is a toggle switch. Once any of the options are disabled your card will not go through if it’s used for that type of transaction. Just switch it back on whenever you’re ready.

    What about certain merchants, can I control those as well?

    There are various toggle switches in Card Controls that provide you with a list of merchant types. You can enable or disable any of them. It’s totally up to you. Once you’ve disabled a type of merchant, your card will be declined if used for that type of merchant. By disabling the Enable Merchant Type toggle, all merchant type controls are disabled.

    Image of card control merchant types screen

    Is there a way to set a Threshold Amount?

    One simple way to help control your spending is to set a maximum amount for purchases. With one toggle switch you can set a dollar amount limit for card transactions. And it’s just as easy to change the amount or turn the threshold off whenever you want. The minimum threshold amount is a penny.

    What kind of alerts can I set?

    Once you’ve enabled push notifications, it’s quick and simple to customize exactly what Card Control alerts you want to receive within your OneWest Bank Mobile Banking app. Just select a category like merchant alerts or international transaction alerts and it’s done.

    What are some of the other benefits of Card Controls?

    One of the biggest benefits of Card Controls is that you can rest a little easier knowing that you are protected from fraud. Whether you lose your card, it’s stolen, or you’re the victim of card skimming, Card Controls limits how your card’s information can be used.