Certificate of Deposit Questions

Banking Frequently Asked Questions

expand +Can I add funds to my CD account?
You can only add to a regular CD at maturity or within the 7-day grace period.
expand +Can I open Retirement CDs?
Yes. OneWest Bank offers IRAs with a minimum opening balance of $1,000. For information about retirement accounts, please visit our Retirement Products page.
expand +Can I receive monthly statements on my CD account?
CD accounts provide quarterly statements.
expand +How can I make my initial deposit into my OneWest Bank CD account?
We accept deposits via mail, wire transfer, ACH or at any OneWest Bank Branch. To mail your deposit, please send it to: OneWest Bank Fulfillment – 3rd Floor (LK03-03) P.O. 7056 Pasadena, CA 91109-9699
expand +How can I verify the interest rate my account is earning?
To verify the interest rate on your certificate of deposit, access Online Banking and click on the CD account or contact the Client Care Center at 877.741.9378.
expand +How do I open a CD account?
You can open an Online CD at www.OneWestBank.com, by telephone, or by visiting one of our branches in Southern California.
expand +How do I receive the interest from my CD account?
You can receive your interest by check or an ACH credit to another institution, or simply have it added to your CD account.
expand +How do I wire transfer funds into my OneWest Bank CD account?
Wire transfers are originated at the institution from which the funds are withdrawn. Provide the institution with your name and account number, and OneWest Bank’s name and routing number (routing # 322270288).
expand +What are my options when my CD matures?

When your CD matures, you can:

  • Rollover your CD into a new CD term
  • Withdraw all or part of your funds.
  • Take no action and let your CD roll over into the same term at the published rate currently offered.
expand +What are your CD rates?
Our current CD rates are displayed on our Deposit Rates page.
expand +What if I want to withdraw my CD early?
There will be a penalty for early withdrawal. Please refer to Account Disclosures for penalty calculation.
expand +What is the difference between a Certificate of Deposit and a Money Market account?
A Certificate of Deposit (CD) is a time deposit requiring you to deposit an amount of money for a specified length of time in order to benefit from the interest rate offered. Any withdrawals from the account prior to maturity (other than any interest already credited) are subject to an early withdrawal penalty, and additional deposits are generally permitted during the CD's 7-day grace period, after maturity. A Money Market account on the other hand is a liquid account. This means you can make deposits, limited withdrawals and transfers, or close the account at any time without penalty.
expand +What is the minimum opening balance for a Certificate of Deposit account?
The minimum to open a regular CD is $1,000.
expand +What is your early withdrawal penalty?
Early withdrawal penalties are generally based on the term of the CD. Please refer to Account Disclosures for penalty calculation.
expand +What options are available to fund my new account?
You can fund your new account by cash, check, wire transfer, electronic funds transfer (EFT), or transfer from an existing OneWest Bank account.
expand +When my CD account matures, do you charge a fee to mail the funds to me?
Yes, there is a $7.00 Official Check fee.

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