Monday, December 10, 2018

Hello Card Controls. Bye fraud and overspending.

How to take control of your debit cards.

Now you can use Card Controls on your OneWest Bank mobile app to easily take control of your debit cards and make them work for you.

Image of card control home screen (iOS)

Image of card control home screen (Android)


Introducing OneWest Card Controls.

No need to panic if you misplace your card. Just switch it off. Don’t want to overspend? Simply set a threshold transaction amount. Done.

Worried about fraud? It’s easy to specify the regions where you usually use your cards to block charges from another city or anywhere else outside those locations.

You can even customize your Card Controls alerts to find out immediately if there’s any funny business going on. So no surprises.

Still losing sleep? Disable certain transaction or merchant types like online purchases or gas stations, then just enable them when you’re ready to make your purchases.

Here’s how Card Controls puts you in control:

  1. Turn your cards on or off
  2. Set spending limits
  3. Set specific transaction types
  4. Set merchant types
  5. Set regions you normally use your cards
  6. Set alerts

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