Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Take control of your expenses with Card Controls

Our mobile banking offers lots of features to help protect your financial health. If you haven’t already explored Card Controls, it might be just the option you want.

You can set spending limits and create settings for how, when and where your OneWest Bank debit card is used. And research suggests that turning cards on and off through the mobile app is becoming a favorite tool to help consumers protect their accounts from unauthorized use.

If you want a self-service tool to combat fraud, Card Controls gives you that ability.

Here’s how it works:

  • Add or disable cards anywhere, at any time, via your OneWest Bank mobile banking application. 

  • Control your use by location to limit the regions where cards can be used. 

  • Control transaction types to limit card use by excluding certain transactions like bill-pay or ATM access.

  • Limit what kinds of merchandise can be purchased by setting restrictions on what types of merchants can run your card based on store or service category. 

  • Set transaction threshold controls with dollar-amount limits for card transactions. 

  • Allow push alerts to receive merchant, transaction and amount threshold information right away.

Whether you want to switch your cards on and off instantly from your smartphone, choose to keep a card active within a specific region or choose specific merchant categories to enable and disable, you’re in control. Once you use Card Controls, you’ll have so many controls of your cards.

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