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Our simplified banking forms are made available for your convenience. Please select the appropriate form and send the completed document to the OneWest Bank Fulfillment Department by fax or mail.

  1. Fax to 1.866.827.7789
  2. Mail to: Retail Banking Support - Fulfillment PO Box 7056 Pasadena, CA 91109-9699

If you have any questions on how to complete any of the forms listed below, please contact our Customer Care Center toll free at 1.877.741.9378 or by emailing us at

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Stop Payment Request
To stop payment on a check.
Download Form
ACH Stop Payment Form
To stop payments that are withdrawn from your bank account electronically.
Download Form
Official Check Stop Payment Request and Indemnity Agreement
To stop payment on an official check along with an indemnity agreement stating that the requestor protects the Bank from any losses as a result of the check being negotiated by a holder in due course.
Download Form
EFT Claim - Multiple Fraudulent Transactions
To file a claim for multiple fraudulent activities through any electronic fund transfers that may occur on your account.
Download Form
EFT Claim - Non-Fraudulent Transactions
To file a claim regarding certain activity through electronic funds transfers on your account, which you believe to be incorrect. This may be due to overcharges, multiple charges for a single item, or dissatisfaction with a purchase.
Download Form
EFT Claim - Single-Fraudulent Transaction
To file a claim for a single fraudulent activity through an electronic funds transfer that may occur on your account.
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W-9 Form
Used by domestic persons and entities to provide their tax identification number for use in information reporting to the IRS.
Download Form
One-Time Check Withdrawal Request
Used to request a one-time check withdrawal.
Download Form
Written Statement of Unauthorized ACH Debit
To file a claim for Unauthorized or Revoked ACH debit that may occur on your account.
Download Form
Outgoing Wire Transfer Request
Used by customers requesting an outgoing wire transfer.
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Deceased, Trust & Power of Attorney

Affidavit of Attorney-In-Fact
Signing the Affidavit, the attorney-in-fact attest that the POA provided is valid and has not been terminated by revocation or by the principal’s death or incapacity. The POA must be attached to the Affidavit.
Download Form
Consumer Agency Authorization Form
To obtain personal identification information for POA and Trustee.
Download Form
Trust Certification*
Used by a trustee of a Trust to provide evidence of their authority to act as trustee with respect to banking transactions.
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Traditional IRA Withdrawal Statement
Used by existing IRA Customers who wish to request a reportable distribution from their existing IRA account, including a Required Minimum Distribution (RMD).
Download Form
Roth IRA Withdrawal Statement
Used by existing Roth IRA Customers who wish to request a reportable distribution from their existing Roth IRA account.
Download Form
IRA Designation of Beneficiary Form
Used by existing IRA Customers who wish to change their Beneficiaries listed for their Retirement Plan(Traditional/Roth/SEP).
Download Form

* Notary Information
The * banking forms above require the Notary Seal and Notary Acknowledgement. A Notary Seal is applied by the Notary Public. A Notary Acknowledgment is a formal declaration of a signature before a Notary. Request the “Notary Acknowledgement Form” specific for your state from your Notary at the time of notarization and submit it at the same time as your notarized banking forms.

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